Rainbow Plate means  healthy plate including all nutrients your body needs to receive in one perfect meal (grain, protein, vegetable, fruit, and dairy)

Fruit and vegetables are in different colours because they contain a huge range of different health promoting nutrients. The actual nutrients a fruit or vegetable contains make them their specific colour

Eating  a variety of colours in your meal provides a good range and mix of important plant nutrients or ‘phyto-chemicals’

Come and experience  a great selection of healthy dishes, traditional Iranian Barberries rice and saffron chicken plate , home made Rainbow  soups,  and fresh sandwiches made of natural meat, prepared for you at Rainbow Plate. 

Try our delicious fruit and vegetables fresh squeezed juice and smoothies.

Enjoy our variety of loose leaves tea which is made by traditional Iranian method , also refresh with locally roasted coffee.

Check out our menu for the best healthy food around.

Healthy, Tasty, & Fresh

We use fresh produce from local farmer's markets, fresh meats, and never use MSG.


Monday - Friday: 7am-7pm
Saturday: 10am-5pm
Sunday: closed